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Seductive, enticing and simply beautiful - the paintings of Carly Casey explore what it is to be a sexy and empowered modern woman. Her sensual, figurative oil paintings on canvas combine her skill for realism with a seductive, contemporary edge, which is undoubtedly influenced by her studies in design. Carly captures the female spirit in all of its glory, from subtle gestures of repose, to gutsy and bold statements.

Born in 1983 on Sydney’s Northern Beaches into a household of art and creativity (Carly’s mother is artist Lyn Hammond), it was an obvious progression for Carly to take up art as a passion. Carly gained a Bachelor of Design from the University of New South Wales’ College of Fine Arts in 2006, whilst working as a freelance designer and participating in several group exhibitions.

When asked what inspires her to create Carly says “Women are beautiful. In my paintings and drawings I try to capture that intense inner and outer beauty, hopefully creating a connection with the viewer. I am continually learning about what it is to be a woman and the many facets and relationships that make up being a person - these are the things that I try to explore in my artwork.”

The dramatic impact of her work has resulted in Carly Casey gaining significant recognition very early in her career, including selection for the prestigious Artexpress exhibition, and prizes in the Warringah Art Prize and the Mosman Youth Art Prize.  At this early stage of her career her work is already held in collections in Asia, the USA and Australia.
Carly Casey 
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All the Worlds a Stage

With this series I was inspired by the Shakespeare quote from 'As You Like It' which begins "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players"
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These beautiful, goddess-like women are captured in the ethereal surrounds of reeds, flowers and dragonflies. This series of oil paintings on canvas is a celebration of the beauty of a woman.
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In Bloom

'In Bloom' is a series of oil paintings that celebrate the beauty, abundance and joy of a woman in bloom. With rich reds, warm ochres and vibrant pinks
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I was looking at capturing a womans vulnerability. Although sometimes with a fierceness about them, these women are pictured in quiet moments of contemplation and repose
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Expose Yourself

Alter egos: I have been wondering a lot about this idea of a carefully crafted other ‘self’. We all have a ‘face’ that we present to the world socially and I often wonder how far this face is from the self we are in priv...
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Vintage Splendour

The 'Vintage Splendour' series is a celebration of the bold, brash and beautiful world of the boudoir...adorned in vintage finery these women hint at the glorious world of burlesque!
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